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Our collaboration with FLORITEC gives us a great collection of Chrysanthemums. FLORITEC is breeding in a different climate zone as our collegues, so the results form their work gives varieties which are much more heat and cold tolerant. We will introduce them on the market under the brandname MOERHEIM® MUM's. 

We are working mainly with rost resistent varieties.

The range is in

* Moerheim Spray MUM's varieties like:

* Moerheim Pot MUM's varieties like:

The actual production of flowers is done by the companies:

The flowersales is coordinated by:

In Puna:

Mr Bipin Deo

T: 9881208797



In Bangalore:

Moerheim Plants and Flowers Pvt Ltd,

T: 080 23611800 / 9482552518

E: or