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Nagarjuna Demo House, Bangalore

Associate Demo Houses

To reduce the risk to the Indian growers, we have organised in the main growing area's local trials with our latest varieties. Behaviour and production can be followed under local skies, which is very important.  Here we organise OPEN HOUSES regularly, so that every grower can follow the development and decide which variety he prefers to plant. Visits in between are also possible but we request visitors to make an appointment.


South India - Moerheim Plants and Flowers Pvt Ltd

About one and a half hour drive from Bangalore, we have at Moerheim Plants and Flowers Pvt Ltd situated near Kodiyalam Village, Hosur Tq. Krishagiri District, various new Roses. As the temperatures and the micro climate differs in Bangalore, we think it is very important to have our varities also tested in this area.