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Plant Resources

Moerheim Certified - Rose Nurseries

Every part of floriculture has his specific qualifications. Growing flowers is one, producing plants is an different one.  Good, homogene plants give a good result.  

Please ask us for the best supplier in your area. 

Types of Plants

In order to have the best results, good plants at the right moment are very important. Saving few rupees per plant is at the end of the day important, but 10% less productivity per year gives often 100 x more losses.

Proper planning of planting and varieties is very important.

We recommend:

- Stentlings/topgrafts

- Grafted Plants

- Cuttings,

as per the system applied in your farm.


Varieties - Budwood Availability

We recommend discussion with our staff to make provisions for the needed budwood in due time to avoid problems of lack of material.  So call us, we will help you.