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Bercomex flower processing machines

Flower processing equipment

Length grading Machine


Floramatic is a simple length grading machine.

All Bercomex machines work on the principle of 'hanging roses' instead of

grading them horizontally.This significantly reduces the mechanical damage.

Floramatic is a simple length grader with a capacity of 6000 stems/hour. Number of grades: 6, length between 30 cms to 120 cms.


Semi -automatic processing machines

Floramatic + is a length grading machine mounted with a high-tech camera and foto processing unit for realtime grading on stemlength, ripeness and budheight for the objective of quality grading.Capacity of the machine is 6000 stems/hour and a maximum of 10 grades,each equipped with an ejector and collecting tray.


Fully automatic processing machines

Rosematic is a fully automatic rose processing machine and takes care of everything

Stemlength, ripeness,height of the bud,automatic bunching ,automatic binding and cutting .The two level bunching is optional.Maximum grades 10, capacity 9000 stems/hour.