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Rose sleeves

Other Products

Greenhouse Shading System

Redusol is a coating for your greenhouse plastic. 

Very essential during summer as it keeps the heat away without compromising on the light intensity.

Very effective and persistent and can withstand rains. 

Easy to remove when using a speacial detergent. 


Flower Ice

Small cooling element (sheet 14 x 20 cms)  to be used inside the flower box. 

Prevents heating up of flowers and perishables and results in a more realiable product. 

Reduces the effect of poor cool chain management.  



Sleeves for roses and Chrysanthemums, available in 30, 40 and 50 micron - CPP and BOPP in various sizes. .

 Can be supplied with printed company Logo. Ordering is in due time is recommended


FERRX Insect Control

Want to reduce chemical bills on pesticides? FERRX INSECT CONTROL is catching butterflies & mosquito's during the night on a area of 1.500 m2. Butterflies are the start of caterpillars, eating leaves and flower buds. A very good, effective and cheap tool to kill butterflies & musquito's. Less labor and chemicals needed.