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Post harvest - Growers

Florissant 100 , 210 , 400, 500, 600 , 700


Florissant is a post harvest flower preservative which helps in protecting the flowers during transportation and also increases thier vase life.


The quality of a flower starts deteriorating the moment it is harvested. It is essential for a grower to treat all the flowers in order to maintain the quality and extend the vaselife of the flowers.

Consumers will enjoy the flowers much  longer when they have got a special pre-treatment with FLORISSANT.


Features of Florissant:

Florissant is easy to use, cost effective and saves water and labour since the solution can be reused.

For different crops different types of FLORISSANT have been developed for use immediate after harvesting:




Florissant 100: For treating ethylene sensitive                           flowers like Lillies, Carnations.

Florissant 210: For treating leaf yellowing in                               Lilies, Alstroemeria. 

Florissant 400:Chrysanthemum, Gypsophilla.

Florissant 500: Gerbera, Tuberose.

Florissant 600: Roses, Anthuriums

Florissant 700: All Flowers 


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