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pH Meter

Measuring equipment

Measuring equipment imported from Nieuwkoop BV, Holland - who are pioneers in this technology - are for daily measurement of irrigation,

drain water, fertilizer mix, soil moisture extract, temperature, humidity etc.   


EC meters - Model EC-93 - EC- 1000

Accurate and simple to use.

Measuring range: 0-19,99 mS/cm


PH meters - Model PH - 93 - PH - 1000

Accurate and simple to use, 

Measuring range: 0-14 pH, 

Accuracy: 0.1 pH.


Tensio meters GV - 1000, GV - 1600

Analogue and digital, also available in a portable model with carrying case.  


Refractolab Model CB 1000

For testing various elements in soil, water , irrigation and drain water.


RH meters RV - 1100

Meter for testing relative humidity. portal instrument with interchanging probes.


Weather Station model RV - 2200

A complete weather station with temperature, RH, wind and rain sensors connected to

a central base unit with upto 9 external sensor.