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Sieon spray suit
Spray suit

Safety Equipment

Spray masks

Full face masks manufactured by Spascianni, Italy gives complete protection from the ill effects of toxic chemicals to your spraying personnel. 

They are comfortable to wear and very durable. The masks are compatible   various filters and works perfectly against vapours,fumes,mists and fine dusts depending on

the filter used. Recommended for MPS and FLO grower certification.

Spray suits

Durable Flexothane is made of polyutherane and is liquid proof and chemical resistant. Very comfortable to wear partly due to the unique breathing and stretching material. Washable. Recommended for MPS and FLO grower certification.



Solvex        - high quality impermeable glove to be used when applying pesticides.

Marigold     - very strong and resistant to water based chemicals.

Neopreene - very useful and effective for harvesting and handling flowers.


Several variants available for various utilities. Contact our sales team for more information.