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Florissant vaselife products - Trade and consumers
Sachets for amatures

Vaselife products - Trade and consumers



General for Florissant 310 , 320 ,330


Florissant is a flower preservative which helps in maintaining the quality of all flowers

by protecting the flowers against bacteria,early ageing and wilting and ensuring a 

long vaselife. 


Florissant 310 is an ideal product to used by wholesalers, and florists to store the flowers for a longer period of time. This does not induce a bloom and maintains the freshness.

Available in 500 ml and 5 litre cans.   


Florissant 320 is to be used for conditioning and sales presentation. This induces a 

slight bloom while maintaining the freshness. Ideal for wholesalers and florists. 

Available in 500 ml and 5 litre cans.   


Florissant 330 is an ideal product for florists and consumers since it helps in maintaining the freshness and has enough nutrients to induce a full bloom and increase the vaselife of all flowers. This can be used with the floral foam also.

Available in 500 ml and 5 litre cans.   


Florissant Flower Food


As we need food to survive, so do flowers!!!

Florissant flower food is one of the best selling flower food brand in the world.

It is useful for keeping the water clean, improve the vaselife of all cut flowers and help the flowers to bloom fully. 

Available in 5 gram sachets and 4 kg bulk packs.