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UV Crop Protector in Tomatos
UV Crop protector in vegetables
UV Crop Protector for roses
UV in Roses on a robot
Empas spray sets
Empas spray set

Spraying Equipment

UV Crop Protector 

We are very pleased to introduce our latest tool to reduce Powdery Mildew. After many years of trials, we can offer now the UV Crop Protector. This Technology kills the fungi, like Powdery Mildew in the greenhouse and on outdoor crops. By frequent exposure of the crop, to a special UV light, spores are killed. The effect is less spraying, less hurting the crop so the crop will become stronger and better producing.

Good results have been obtained in Roses, Strawberries, Black Berries, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Cucumbers etc.   

Initially it is recommended to pass the crop every otherday with a speed of approx 60-80 m /minute. It is important to carry gloves and specs to protect the skin from radiation.

The UV Crop protector needs 220V. If there is no electricty available in the greenhouse, a small generator can be helpfull.

Normal activities can be done close to the equipment at 5-10 m. One machine can treat approx 20.000 m2 Greenhouse a day. 

One of beside foto's shows the Crop protector made in Bangalore at our own farm at Hosur. We will start using the light next week.  


Empas Spray Sets

Empas is one of the leading manufacturers of spraying equipment and accessories.


From the dozens of editions and models, we can only pick a small number from the various possibilities. For example the pump sets with petrol engine.
They are manufactured with a Honda petrol engine, equipped with a minimum oil safety and repeated starter.

All pump capacities of our programme can be set up with a fuel engine.
Upon request we will be happy to provide you with a quote for diesel engines.

It goes without saying that all our electronic engines are equipped with a switch and thermal safety switch.

There are pump sets with 230 Volt electric engines up to 45 bar and heavier models with 400 Volt for larger capacities. All pump sets will be delivered with engine slide rails and a turnbuckle as a result of which possible further adjustment of the V-belt will be a simple action.

For more details please contact Moerheim India.